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TALL sustainable candle

TALL sustainable candle


At Muted Luxe, we don't feel great about burning paraffin (petroleum-based) candles in our home.... That's why we created our new range of natural, vegan, coconut-blend candles. 


Made with a vegan, sustainable coconut wax blend and fragrances, our handmade candles are completely free from paraffin, soy, palm oil or beeswax. 


Our vessels are handmade from a sustainable, durable eco-resin which is fire resistant and free from VOCs. We're also working on providing candle refills, so you can enjoy your candle again and again, and to help reduce waste. 



Available in a choice of 5 vessel colours, all in our stone finish: 


SNOW  |   A gentle off-white with subtle sparkle 

STONE  |   A classic, matte, go-with-everything light taupe-beige 

CLAY |   A muted matte terracotta 

CARBON |   A warm matte off-black 

PEBBLE |   A cool off-white, with speckles of grey and black and a subtle sparkle 


76mm x 94mm


(Our candles are also available in CLASSIC and RIBBED sizes) 






RISE  |   An uplifting blend of Lemongrass and Ginger, to help give clarity and focus when you need it most.


RELAX  |   Our Wildflowers fragrance is inspired by the idiom 'stop and smell the roses'. Created for those moments when you just need to hit pause, Wildflowers is a fresh, clean take on a classic floral blend. 


REST  |  Our soothing blend of Lavender & Chamomile, with base noted of cedarwood and vanilla, for when you want to unwind, snuggle up and switch off from your day. 


RESET  |   Our Clean Home scent, like slipping into fresh sheets after a long day. With heart notes of violet and orange blossom, for when you want to feel clean, clear and centred. 





Please note that as all of our items are made by hand, some minor variations in colour, texture and some air bubbles are entirely normal. These are part of the uniqueness and beauty of the product, and are part of what sets it apart from items which are mass-produced for big, budget homeware stores. We hope you'll love their invividuality as much as we do  :)