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Muted Luxe is a small independent creative studio, nestled on the edge of the Peak District. 

Run by life-long crafter and minimalist Lizz Summers, we lovingly hand-make and hand-finish all of our jewellery and homewares in-house. 

Our aim at Muted Luxe is to provide a refreshing change from fast fashion and mass-produced jewellery and homewares, to bring you timeless, high quality, affordable items with a conscience. 

Our story

Ever feel like life is on fast-forward?


Director of Muted Luxe, Lizz, spent years as a cancer specialist, but the long hours, long commutes, daily stress and emotional trauma took their toll, and in 2016 Lizz found herself burnt out and facing serious health issues.


It was a wake up call.


Forced to slow down, Lizz found what she needed to begin to heal — the calm of her own home, the quiet comfort of nature.


She started small, making little things for her space – a vase inspired by the curve of a pebble, earrings that mimicked the soft green of moss. It felt good, reconnecting with her hands, with the slow rhythm of creation. It was a reminder of the beauty in simplicity; the peace in slowing down.


Today, Muted Luxe aims to  share this feeling; creating pieces that bring a sense of quiet sanctuary into your home.


Each item – jewellery, home accessories, little treasures – is crafted by hand in a small, independent studio nestled on the edge of the Peak District, using sustainable materials that are kind to the planet. The designs are timeless, inspired by nature's muted tones and calming textures. They're not about fleeting trends, but about timeless style; pieces you'll enjoy, cherish and maybe even pass down to future generations.


Muted Luxe is a quiet rebellion against the rush of fast-fashion and mass-produced homeware. It's a celebration of slow living, of finding beauty in the simple things, and of creating a home that's a haven, not just a space you live in.


From hand-moulding our clay earrings to mixing the eco-resin for our homeware items, we meticulously create all of our items by hand with love, care and attention.



Whether you're looking at investing in a pair of our earrings or home accessories, you can guarantee only the highest quality materials were used during the creation process. We source our materials thoughtfully, with sustainability, quality and longevity in mind.


For example, our gold earring components do not use cheap and thin gold plated brass, which has a distinctive bright yellowy colour will easily tarnish (and leave you with the dreaded green ears!).


Instead, most of our jewellery is 'gold filled' - a process using real 9k and 14k gold to create a robust and securely adhered real gold layer, with the gold making up a guaranteed minimum of 5% of the item weight. Gold filled jewellery has a beautifully muted gold colouring, is perfect for even the most sensitive of ears, and - with proper care and attention -  can last a lifetime. 


Having a low environmental impact is of huge importance to us and a lot of time has been put into ensuring Muted Luxe's processes are as planet-friendly as possible. From minimising unnecessary business travel to ensuring all aspects of our packaging can be recycled, we are incredibly intentional about everything we do to reduce our carbon footprint. You can read more about our efforts in sustainability here.

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