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We care: sustainability and minimising our impact on the planet

As a small creative business, we are extremely intentional about the steps and processes that go into the creation of our products. The aim is to support other small businesses as much as possible and therefore the majority of our supplies are sourced from independent creatives. From the clay we use to our metal findings, we place the upmost importance in reducing our carbon footprint by working with local makers and sourcing from independent UK craft stores.

Where possible we try our best to use vegan and cruelty-free components; the brands of clay used to form our earrings state that they contain no animal ingredients and are not tested on animals, as well as the products used to make our home decor pieces and even down to the adhesive and cleaning products we use after creating.

Solely eco-friendly, plastic-free materials are used in all of our packaging. Reusable boxes, recycled cardboard, biodegradable stickers and tape is all you will find! The process of sourcing our packaging materials was incredibly thorough to ensure everything could be recycled, even down to ensuring the adhesive used to give our stickers and tape their 'stick' was kind to the planet.

Overall our passion for creating is just as strong as our passion for helping the environment and contributing positively towards fighting climate change - we hope our customers appreciate this and join us on our sustainable journey!

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