Creating polymer clay earrings

So chances are you're here because you love a good statement earring (yay!) and as I hand-make each and every pair I have for sale, I thought you might like to know a bit of the process behind creating them. The whole process is quite time-consuming so this'll be a condensed preview but enough to give you an idea of how I create your new ear candy!

Step 1: Condition the clay

Polymer clay is sold in hard blocks and in order for the clay to soften and be useable for shaping into earrings, it must be conditioned. Conditioning the clay is done by either hand rolling or passing batches through a pasta machine (sorry to all the Italians out there, I'm sure you'd cringe at it not being used for delicious carb-y goodness!)

Step 2: Make the shapes

Every earring design is made up with a selection of different shapes. These are cut from the rolled out clay by hand with a craft knife or using shaped cutters.

Step 3: Remove as much lint/dust as possible

As you can imagine, polymer clay when unbaked is soft and sticky which means whilst crafting, fragments of lint and fibres are very much attracted to it. Although sometimes impossible to remove it all, every effort is made to ensure the clay is as pristine as possible.

Step 4: Bake the clay

Polymer clay is soft until baked (yep, just like a cake in the oven) so in order to achieve a nice hardened finish, each piece has to reach a high temperature.

Step 5: Sand the clay

When cutting out the shapes for each pair of polymer clay earrings they can have slightly rough edges and therefore need to be sanded to get them looking nice and smooth.